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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue

June 21, 2024

Your wedding day is one of the most significant moments of your life, and selecting the right venue sets the stage for a magical celebration. With countless options available, choosing the perfect wedding venue can be a daunting task. This guide will walk you through the essential considerations to help you make an informed decision that aligns with your vision for the big day.

Define Your Vision:

Before you start the venue hunt, sit down with your partner and discuss the vision you both have for your wedding. Consider the atmosphere, style, and size of the celebration you envision. Whether you dream of a rustic barn wedding, an elegant ballroom affair, or a destination celebration, defining your vision will guide your venue search. Luckily, here in Yorkshire, there is an array of beautiful wedding venues to suit most visions! I have listed some of my favourites over on my venue page.

Set a Budget:

Establishing a clear budget is crucial for wedding planning, and the venue often takes up a significant portion of it. Determine how much you’re willing to allocate for the venue, factoring in other expenses like catering, decor, and entertainment. This will help you narrow down options and avoid falling in love with a venue that’s beyond your financial reach.

Guest List and Capacity:

Create a preliminary guest list before looking at venues. Knowing the approximate number of guests will help you choose a venue with the right capacity. Consider both the ceremony and reception spaces, ensuring that the venue can comfortably accommodate your guests without feeling overcrowded. This was one of the main things that narrowed down my search when I was looking for wedding venues for my own wedding – a few we fell in love with couldn’t accommodate the number of guests.


The location of your wedding venue can significantly impact the overall experience. Decide whether you want a local celebration or a destination wedding. Consider accessibility for your guests, proximity to accommodations, and the overall ambiance of the chosen location. For example, if you have a winter wedding and the weather is bad, does the venue location risk guests not being able to get there?

Venue Style and Ambiance:

Every venue has a unique style and ambiance. Whether you prefer a historic mansion, a beachfront resort, or a modern urban loft, choose a venue that resonates with your personal style. The venue’s aesthetic will play a crucial role in the overall look and feel of your wedding. My portfolio features a number of Yorkshire wedding venues where you can see the style of photography you will get from these.

Services and Amenities:

Inquire about the services and amenities offered by potential venues. Some venues provide all-inclusive packages that may include catering, decor, and coordination services. Consider what is included in the venue’s package and whether it aligns with your needs and preferences. I have been lucky enough to work with some fantastic suppliers offering catering and decor which absolutely make the wedding day – a few of my favourites are Create a Look Decor, Shindig Event Styling, Ambience Venue Styling, The Hog and Apple and Nomad Catering

Visit Multiple Venues:

Schedule visits to your shortlisted venues to get a firsthand feel of the space. Pay attention to the layout, available facilities, and any restrictions. Ask questions about setup and breakdown procedures, vendor restrictions, and any rules or regulations the venue may have.

Weather Contingency:

If you plan an outdoor wedding, have a backup plan in case of inclement weather. Many venues offer indoor alternatives or have tents available for unexpected weather changes. Consider this aspect during your venue selection process to ensure a seamless celebration, rain or shine.

Reviews and Recommendations:

Research reviews and testimonials from other couples who have hosted their weddings at the venues you’re considering. Personal experiences can provide valuable insights into the venue’s performance, responsiveness, and overall customer satisfaction. I can certainly help with this having shot at many of the venues around Yorkshire.

Read the Contract Thoroughly:

Before making a final decision, carefully review the contract provided by the venue. Ensure that all terms, conditions, and costs are clearly outlined. If there are any uncertainties, seek clarification from the venue’s representative before signing the agreement.

Choosing the perfect wedding venue is a pivotal step in creating the wedding of your dreams. By defining your vision, setting a budget, and considering factors such as location, capacity, and services, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your preferences. Remember, the right venue will not only set the stage for a beautiful celebration but also contribute to lasting memories of your special day. Happy venue hunting!

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Sarah is a fantastic wedding photographer. From start to finish, she was utterly superb. In the run up, she was helpful and replied really quickly to queries. On the day, she made everyone feel relaxed and at times you hardly knew she was there. We are delighted with our final photos. We highly recommend Sarah Warne for an outstanding wedding photography experience.

Helen carter edwards

Sarah is amazing, really lovely person and an excellent photographer !! She made our wedding day so special, nothing was too much trouble and she was so flexible to what we needed on the day. I wouldn’t go to anyone else now for photographs, she puts you at ease and is so gifted in knowing how to capture the perfect shot. Thank you so much

rachel orr

Sarah is a wonderful photographer. Not only are the photos we recieved beautiful and more than we could’ve imagined, she is a lovely person! She got married at our venue herself years ago so she knew all the best spots which helped when we didn’t know where we wanted them, she was organised with a list of groups we wanted and was fantastic at directing all of our guests and both me and my husband! We chose to have a second photographer in our package (Ginny) so that we had photos of my husband getting ready and other photos through the day from different angles, and I’m so glad we decided to do that! Ginny was awesome, and throughout the ceremony etc you wouldn’t even know they where there, they fit in as if they where guests and made conversations with everyone and made us all laugh! They both made us feel at ease, Sarah even helped my mum with the buttons on my dress in the morning as there was so many! I cannot thank them both enough, and we will definitely be using Sarah again for family photos and I have already recommended her to a few people! Thank you for capturing our day so beautifully, and for the quick turn around with getting the photos back (5weeks!!) ❤️

Katie Walker

Sarah is a wonderful family photographer. She always gets the best out of our two young boys and we always get such beautiful photos! Much appreciated Sarah ☺️

Stephanie cook

We had the best shoot with Sarah. We’ve never had a family shoot and were really nervous but Sarah put us at ease straight away. With 2 energetic boys I wouldn’t have blamed her to feel overwhelmed but she was so calm and in control. She kept things fun and my 5 year old was sad when it ended as he was enjoying it so much.

We were so happy with our gallery that I ended up buying them all.

We have now asked Sarah to photograph our Wedding and I need to get an Autumn shoot booked in! Thank you Sarah!

Emma Gough

I cannot recommend Sarah enough. She arrived ahead of time on our wedding day and was very prepared. She commanded the attention of our guests and easily assembled everyone for the group shots, showing great patience! Sarah came up with lots of different ideas for creative photographs yet was open to suggestions from us. At many points in the day, Sarah seamlessly integrated into the wedding party, snapping from a distance without disturbing the proceedings. We are blown away by the photos we have received from Sarah so far. Book today!